Is. THAT. Another. Book?!

melissa curtin Sep 21, 2021

I have an insatiable desire to learn about almost anything. If someone would just pay me to read books and take courses all day, every day, I would totally do it. 

I am first and foremost a personal and professional development junkie and have been for a loooong time. And even though it’s literally my business, the book buying habit (addiction?) is honestly pretty ridiculous.

Back in the day when bookstores were the only way you could purchase books, I would plan my visit like a middle school field trip and spend hours walking through the sections perusing my options and hiding out from the world. 

Taking a seat on the worn out chair tucked into a corner, losing time reviewing a stack of books and magazines, maybe walking out with one or two books in hand, but most often walking out empty-handed, simply delighted by the adventure.

Nowadays, with the one-click ease of online buying, I try to beat any package that is small-ish and rectangular in shape from the mailbox or front porch to the kitchen counter.

 “Is. THAT. Another. Book?!” my husband groans -- standing there with his mouth ajar, eyes bugged out, forehead lifted --  finally throwing up two big, “What the hell?” hands in utter disbelief that this has happened AGAIN.

Herein lies the rub.

I don’t read all these books. Not from cover to cover anyway. 

I do reference many of them, and most of all, I am convinced that the mere presence of this varied and incredible knowledge seeps into me through osmosis.

These books give me so much comfort. And there are certainly worse habits (in my opinion anyway).  

However, I have decided to look at why I do this because frankly, the money I spend on these books adds up. 

My armchair psychology thoughts about why I do this are not well formulated yet. I am percolating on this because it’s come up for me as “a small potato in the big scheme of things” issue that I want to address, primarily around money.

In the meantime... 

  • What is something that you do that you know isn’t so “bad” but that is still not serving you in a variety of ways? 

  • Explore what desire, need, craving, or whatever else you think it is satisfying.

  • Is it taking up valuable time, money, or energy that you can be using in other more productive and beneficial ways?

Feel free to share back with me or jump on my Facebook and share your answers to my questions, including your plan to address it if that’s in your cards right now. 

I’m putting together the curriculum for my 10-month Reinvention Adventure Program launching in January 2022. Your response will help me build out a piece of the curriculum I’m working on now. No names will be used unless you give me permission to do so. 

Stay tuned for more coming your way soon! 



P.S. My husband isn’t a tyrant. He just doesn’t get the book thing. I definitely have more buggy eyes and “what the hell?!” hands for him than he does for me.  


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