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Is. THAT. Another. Book?!

melissa curtin Sep 21, 2021

I have an insatiable desire to learn about almost anything. If someone would just pay me to read books and take courses all day, every day, I would totally do it. 

I am first and foremost a personal and professional development junkie and have been for a loooong time. And even though it’s literally my business, the book buying habit (addiction?) is honestly pretty ridiculous.

Back in the day when bookstores were the only way you could purchase books, I would plan my visit like a middle school field trip and spend hours walking through the sections perusing my options and hiding out from the world. 

Taking a seat on the worn out chair tucked into a corner, losing time reviewing a stack of books and magazines, maybe walking out with one or two books in hand, but most often walking out empty-handed, simply delighted by the adventure.

Nowadays, with the one-click ease of online buying, I try to beat any package that is small-ish and rectangular in shape from the mailbox...

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Sometimes We Need a Kick in the Pants

melissa curtin Sep 02, 2021

I had rotator cuff repair surgery on my left shoulder last Friday. So I write to you this week mostly with my right hand. A good brain challenge for sure. (I think I have typed the equivalent of one page in just the first three paragraphs between deleting and retyping.)

I had squeaked under the wire for my first rotator cuff repair surgery on my right shoulder in mid-February 2020 before the COVID-19 shutdown that second week of March so I’m somewhat familiar with this road. 

I put the right shoulder off for way too long and regretted it. Then, when the left shoulder took its turn, I said I wasn’t going to wait. But it’s a long recovery and I’ve dreaded going through it again.

It took an unexpected phone call that we could potentially be without the health insurance on which we have been fortunate to rely for many years for me to take action. 

This two-by-four across the side of my head lit a quick bonfire under my dragging feet, or in this case,...

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The Greater Your Storm, The Brighter Your Rainbow

melissa curtin Aug 11, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about summer storms.

When I’m lying in my bed at night and a big storm comes in, I love it. As I listen to the thunder roll, the rain pound down, and watch the lightning show through my bedroom window, I feel so blessed to be safe and cozied up inside my home. 

Sometimes we like to sit out on our front porch and watch the storm.

 They can be so beautiful and being close enough to feel the energy (while staying safe) is literally electrifying. 

Yesterday was a sunny, hot day here in Maryland. My husband, Mike and I had gone out to run a few errands when just as I put the groceries in the back seat of the truck, the sky suddenly turned gray and dumped on us.

We got home and as he ran one way with the groceries to the house, a crack of lightning popped over his head midway across the driveway, causing him to jump.

I ran up to my office over the garage to finish some work and looked out at what had now become a...

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Reinvention Adventure - Kashonna Holland

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Melissa Curtin Coaching
Reinvention Adventure - Kashonna Holland

I first met Kashonna Holland, CEO of Simply Kashonna, in fall 2018. I had just started Melissa Curtin Coaching in August of that year and I was at the beginning of my most recent reinvention adventure. 

I was attending an event where candidates for elected office were responding to constituent questions. We were all asked to introduce ourselves around the room. 

This was my first outing in my new skin. I wasn’t yet owning that I was the CEO of my own business, a coach, and a consultant. 

As they started in the front row on the other side of the room, I remember thinking to myself, “Thank goodness I sat in the back. Maybe they won’t get to me today.” 

I listened to everyone stand up and share their name and affiliation, some not bothering to turn around and face the audience behind them, when seemingly out of nowhere, this fabulously dressed, shining light of a woman stands up, faces the crowd, and says:

“Hello everyone! I’m...

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There's Still Time for Watermelon

melissa curtin Jul 29, 2021

Here we are already at the end of July and nearing the end of the Dog Days of Summer

Where does the time go?!? I say this out loud often, even though I never get an answer. 

Time just keeps doing what time does. Ticking away second by second. 

Time doesn’t care that I haven’t gone to the beach this summer, to the mountains, or on a hike, a bike ride, or a picnic. It doesn’t care about catching lightning bugs, eating dinner underneath the stars with dear friends, or the fact that I haven’t yet eaten my share of watermelon. It just doesn’t care.

So many people I talk to, including myself too much of the time, are riding the “all work and no play merry-go-round.” As my mother often used to say to me, “All work and no play makes Jane a very dull girl.” I always hated it when she said this, even though I knew she was right.

I’ve been asking my clients to reflect on some of their favorite childhood memories...

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